Lásky jedné zrzky – 2. All the way down

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You have broken me all the way down…
But still and also therefore I’m thinking about you… What would the life be like if you were around me. I could see you every day, talk to you and you will be telling all over again how special I am to you, like you did on our first date. I’m not anymore a supergirl… I got lost on the way, but as a supergirl, I was not supposed to cry. Now I can.

And in the evening, when I turn in… you are with me.
I took you for granted. Our neverending night should end when the last star went down. But it didn’t, it lasted forever and then, there was a moment I realized, my dream is coming true… So something had to go wrong. For the first time, I didn’t want to run. You did.

Once chance we’ve got, I missed this one shot.
I have to blame someone and I can’t blame you. You are still my bright memory on the days I was lucky supergirl. I still thinking what is and what never should be… repeated. And I can’t never find out what I want… Because it has been long time since you blew my heart away.

And in the morning, when you turn in… I’m gone.
…I should have been gone that night. Maybe next time.

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