Any other world



In any other world, you could tell the difference. And let it all unfurl into broken remnants.

It’s late to make new friends, it’s getting harder to find someone I could spend one of the last sunny Sunday. It’s starting to remind me the old times I was so tempted to run away from. I wish I could tell the difference, between these two other worlds. Maybe I need another other world so I can feel the difference. My own “lost thoughts” world. My sandpit of dreams.

Smile like you mean it and let yourself let go.

I’ve just planned ten days long road trip across a half of Turkey with a guy I hardly know. I’ve met him at the airport in Vienna, we were both flying to Turkey for our Erasmus exchange programme. He has studied in Brno but I’ve never met him there. We talked a little bit also after landing in Istanbul, then I addded him on Facebook. I thought it is good idea to keep in touch, even though his university is in another city. And when I was searching for my sparing partner for my Turkish road trip, I ended up with him, alone, at last. Today we spoke almost six hours via Skype, arranging the details of our journey. I think it’s gonna be legendary.

‘Cause it’s all in the hands of a bitter, bitter man.

Cause it’s all in our hands. No more controlling or thinking of anybody else than us. No more bitter man crashing my dreams. No more bitterness in my eyes when a memory on Brno crosses my mind.

Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in.

I’m saying goodbye to the world I’ve lived in.


Welcome to any other world.

3 thoughts on “Any other world

  1. Lekl jsem se, že nejsem na té správné stránce. Ale jsem :) Pěkný jednoduchý theme, tímto směrem se chci vydat taky.

  2. Simple – nice :)

  3. jeeee…. novy dizajn… pekny :)

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