Couchsurfing: Letting the world crash at your couch

18 January 2011

Short documentary about couchsurfing. Story from Istanbul about one flat, one couchhost and couchsurfers from all over the world.

Let me present my short documentary about couchsurfing which I made as a final project of the course New Ways of Video Documentary at Istanbul Bilgi University.

I spent two weeks shooting the couchsurfing community hosted by my flatmate at our flat. My aim was to reveal this community from different view, I do not think that couchsurfing is just fun. Mostly it is about mutual trust, that the people (both couchsurfers and couchhosts) will not let you down, will not use you and none of you will look for another profit from that. The first idea for creating the whole website was not about free travelling or dating. But it happened to be for some people the reason they joined the couchsurfing. Can you tell who is lying and who is not? Who is the winner and the victim? How is it working to let the world crash at your couch?

Annotation: Short documentary about couchsurfing. Story from Istanbul about one flat, one couchhost and couchsurfers from all over the world.

What is really couchsurfing about? Dating? Hanging out with the locals? Or just simple “getting to know the culture”?

“You can live in a bubble but bubbles are not fun.”


My thanks belong to
my awesome flatmate Onur Aydın Korkmaz who was willing to host all the people,
to my other flatmate Yener Besni for great answers and his harmonica,
to the Italian girl Silvia Fracassetti and her “cousin” who were great cooks,
to the Bulgarian girl Lilia Pangelova and her father, the most interesting family I have ever seen,
to the English musician James McGilchrist, whose music made my video,
to the Dutch reporter Karel Smouter, my journalistic role model, who was on his way to make a report about couchsurfing in Iran,
to the Colorado boy Lucas Piontkowski, who inspired me with the bubbles,
to the German Johan Senegal, who was wearing the coolest pyjama ever and whose interview showing how many languages he can speak I accidentally erased,
to the American girl Maddy La Ferla Jenni and her Austrian husband Lucas for the hope that long-distance and mixed-cultured relationships can work,
to the German girl Carine Melone for her honest and open answers which made the final scene,
to my friend Berk Büyükbalcı for his advice not only about editing the video
and to my teacher Kristina Tirier for her lecturing and great guidance during the whole process of creating this documentary.

Thank you.


  1. Karel January 19, 2011

    Keep up thegood work, Eva! Loved THE video…. What are ur answers to THE questions raised?!

  2. Ivy January 19, 2011

    Hello Karel:-)! Good to hear from you. Well, my answers? I think you already know them…

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