Hanging by a moment

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I believe I could fly. I don’t know why, I just do. Everything seems so easy when it is snowing everywhere. Just like snowflakes, your dreams are falling… coming so close to you that if you just touch them… they will melt. Though I feel happy. I might know why. Yesterday at the theatre, I laughed so loud, just because something so sudden and so from past had crossed my mind, that I actually couldn’t usher to auditorium all those people lining up in front of my door. Life can be really tricky. One moment, you’re hesitating whether you should or shouldn’t write your ex, just because you’re free tonight (oh yes, that desperate I sometimes am), but after a little while all that doubts about your self-confidence and dignity fortunately flow away. Because he shows up. And the sudden memory from your past became true. You’d better be really happy about it, after all you’ve got the answer – you’ve got him. Sometimes I wish I have been hanging by some moments a little longer. Because most of the time I keep forgetting how much these moments make me happy. Just hanging by a moment here…

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