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Losing yourself in thoughts.
Losing yourself without any thoughts.
Losing yourself in dreams.
Losing yourself for someone.
Losing yourself.
Bla bla bla.

Just try to get lost in this picture.

These are the young men of Turkey serving their military service while protecting eastern borders of their republic. Actually a friend of mine got lost there. He is the forth from the left in the back row. Talented salsa dancer, student of mechanical engeneering and seasonal lifeguard in Alabama.

I was arguing a lot with my friends in Istanbul about their mandatory military service. Most of them have tried to avoid it or at least to postpone it. In the end one interesting opinion came out of these conversations – for some Turks this military service is something like a vacation. Of course it might be dangerous, especially when you are placed to the borders with, for example, Iraq. But imagine yourself living whole life in a village somewhere in the east, there you might have never got a chance to go around, see the rest of the country, meet other people than locals from the place you have been raised in. For those people, this service is definately something which gives them not only an opportunity to serve the country but also to serve themselves by having chance of experiencing something more.

Does it sound stupid?

Look at the picture again. You may know their names. Not their stories.

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