If I could be a queen just for one day

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I love stories.
When someone’s talking about a book he has read or a movie he has seen.
Just to imagine these stories
to play them back in my head
to imagine them in my own way.

Once upon a time
There was a queen
He met her under the immense tower
it was raining
and she was trying to buttress sky.

Lack of words caused
that he escaped to a kiss
Hoping to explain by that

Unfortunately the escape has changed to gateway.

How painful is for him now
jut saying her name
Even if it could be a name of anyone else
there is nothing so absolute
as his face in her hands
when he calls the name.

All the time
he was just heading to her
Reaching mysteriously soon the destination
he got scared by her motionlessness
and kept running.

He didn’t have a clue
that at such a moment he should
just share the move
than look for another start.

How late is to apologise
How inadmissible is to coming back
How weak is he
from the previous flight.

That’s why he is writing
a letter to her
for the twentyseventh time
A letter which is meeting
the same fate as all the other
superhonest predecessors.

He will burn it like he burnt her
like he would have burnt her
if he had delivered it.

He lost every right to do it
She silences him
so badly with her silence
that he will never talk to somebody else
so wistfully as he used to talk to her.

He hates his eternal weakness
always putting everything off
and counting on time
and on fate.


He met her again under the immense tower
it was raining
and she was still trying to buttress sky.
And in the eye of the storm
he knew he’d lose her forever.

And since then I have just wished
If I could be the queen just for one day
Across the universe… and far away.

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