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18 March 2012

Some people want their happy endings. But what about just wanting the story?


Some people want their happy endings. But what about just wanting the story? Beautiful, heart-breaking, dreamy story without any ending at all? Wishing the story will never end…

It is amazing how everything seems different when the spring comes. All world is new and fresh, even moving to my third flat in Prague in one year seems to be somehow unique. After all, it made me happy even though the circumstances upon which I moved from him were anything but happy. But that is what happens when you take things too fast. You are trying to make up all the time you have not spend together so becoming “us” is too radical and overwhelming after time. But in spite of everything, for a moment, I thought, this is my happy ending. And this is where the disillusion came. And where the story should have ended. But.

It has been over a year since I moved from Istanbul to Prague. At that time I said to myself that it will be just temporary change before I will travel again, only with a camera and on my own. That was the plan but it actually has turned to a dream. I feel unable to make actual change and escape again. Am I stuck already? I feel like I did not move at all during last year. It is again February, I am again searching for a new flat in Prague, again without any personal or social life. Again not knowing where to go for Master’s. Again thinking of Istanbul as my get-away destination. I hate second chances.

So instead of travelling around or living abroad I am moving from one place in Prague to another. I posses more things then I actually need which is definitely not good progress regarding that a year ago I moved to Prague with just one luggage. And now I have got twelve of them. I am literally stucked.

So here you got a story. The typical one; a girl met a boy, she made some dreams become true, dreams eventually crashed, she built new one and now she is trying find her way out. Is it not always like that?

It is all about that sad awakening when you realize your plans has change into dreams.

And at that point, you just need to keep the story going and pray a little longer for the happy ending.


  1. arašídová March 18, 2012

    Jesus. Having exactly the same feeling these days. (Post-Erasmus as well…)

  2. Ivy March 18, 2012

    The thing is… I don’t fell like Post-Erasmus at all… Not anymore.

  3. Filip March 20, 2012

    This is not Post-Erasmus feeling. This is Requiem for a Dream, I think.

  4. Ivy March 20, 2012

    Filip, you hit that.. I think you know what I am talking about, right

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