Let’s be and stay happy

3 February 2012

I do not know if the world or human life is defined by the happiness, all I know that I want to be happy and stay like that.


Sometimes things are just not going the way you want them. It is called life. We all know that. Life is hard became one of the most annoying cliches in the world. I have never understood why people wish to each other on every special occasion lots of love, happiness, success and dreams to come true. If anything from that matters, it is definitely happiness. We all want to love and be loved but when you have that and you are still not happy, what is the point then. So from now on, I just wish to myself and to all other people who happen to celebrate any marginal occasion happiness. I do not know if the world or human life is defined by it, all I know is that I want to be happy and stay like that. Or whatever this status of my mind in the middle of the night (when I woke up because this thought demanded to be written down or maybe because I had just too much beer and my mind is mess) can be called. Let’s call it lately happiness. Aren’t you lost yet?

These moments when I wake up in the middle of the night are still kinda funny. I can not sleep because my head just will not let me. I am afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow. I am worried about what happened today. And the thing I want right now is to sit in the dark under a blanket with my notebook on legs just a little bit longer. Sometimes even sleep and dreams are not helping with an escape from crushing reality. Sometimes it is the full awareness of what has happened which helps us get through it and still stay happy.

One really clever person told me that being happy is not about luck. I do not want to tell you all the secrets and phrases about how to be happy, because first of all and let’s be honest, this is not a happy blog. So for now, let’s stop. Let’s just quietly think about what makes us happy. And let’s stick with that.

And hopefully, the peaceful sleep will come again.

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