Lost spring story

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Have you ever heard a story about meeting a complete stranger and love at first sight? Well this is a different story, but still it is worth to listen.

Do you ever wonder how and when people’s lives cross, if it is pre-destined to meet certain somebody in certain time? And what were you thinking about your lover when you met him for the first time? It was one perfect spring day, my boyfriend was visiting me in Prague and at that particular day he was waiting for me until I finished at work. But before that he supposed to go to my work to hand me some CD. More than half a year later I can not even tell what was the CD, but surely it was important.

So he came in front of my office and gave me a ring on the phone. I ran out, wearing high heels, to our company’s roof in the first floor to see where my boyfriend is so I can take the CD from him. He was on the street in front of the main entrance door, I was a floor higher on the roof. I did not have a time and my colleagues have already started looking from windows, why I am on the roof yelling something in English on someone on the street.

The fastest possibility how to get the CD was to take the stairs down and go across whole building. But there he was. One of my colleagues just came back from lunch, heading through to the main entrance. I have never spoken to him before as no one introduced us, he was working in the office occasionally. He seemed to me taller, older and more introverted than he actually was and in the same time he seemed to be too far away from me (by everything) to even have a small talk with him in the kitchen. But at that spring sunny moment I guessed it was the proper time to talk to him for the first time. I called him by his name from the roof and asked him if he could bring me the CD from that boy. He just nodded and took it. Back in the office he handed me the CD with saying “Here you are,” and I just smile and humbly replied: “Thank you.” After that we did not speak to each other for other three months. But that is how we met.

Things seemed to be so different for a while when I was sitting in my ex-boyfriend’s shirt next to the colleague in our bed and writing this story.

So this was a story about how my ex-boyfriends met.

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