My mathematical self

15 January 2013

I own one clever book on mathematics, well clever… it is little tiny book called Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction.

My Mathematical Self

We are only human. I tell this to myself everytime a weekend passes and I am not productive at all. Anyway, what are the weekends for, if not for the procrastination? But last weekend was exception, I went home to give my vote in presidential election… and then headed quickly back to Prague where I lay around in the bed till Monday morning. Ehm. And that is when I excuse myself that I am only human. Well but I guess this is how I have been raised, to do something meaningful even during the weekend and not to lay all day in the bed. Staying in pyjamas after breakfast was simply not allowed. So I started to do something new.

At first I wanted to finally break through the next chapter about digital painting in my Master the Photoshop book but I just do not feel like I am there yet. Then I wanted to start reading second part of the Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, but of course Czech Post has their own way with delivering packages. I have never been a fan of science fiction literature but I strongly recommend Foundation series to anyone who is interested in politics, individualism and atomic blasters. And last but not least, I started to learn math, again.

I own one clever book on mathematics, well clever… it is little tiny book called Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction. It will not be very surprising if I tell you the book was a gift from my boyfriend who has filled half of our bookcase with books on physics and mathematics. But to be completely honest, it was my wish. To absorb at least the basics of mathematical theorems again. So believe it or not, for a month now I have been reading it on my way to and from work. I have not had Math since high school and now I am learning again how to prove Pythagoras theorem or how to visualize four-dimensional space. And as whole book is written in English it is another challenge for me (I had no clue what even square root meant). I am only in the half of the book but it had already given me so much more than my high school classes. Who knows what would have happened, if my teacher had provided me with a motivation to learn more about fractions and those square roots… But I know I should not compare it, at Math at high school we were only counting. But this time, for a change, I am actually trying to understand it.

Maybe I will forget it, maybe I will drop it as I did it with my Turkish class and maybe I will discover a whole new world. After all, it is just for fun, right?


  1. Kate January 15, 2013

    Try (in Czech mutation I am convinced that we should stay curious and learn sth new every day. However, days in pyjamas are ok as well.;) Thumbs up!:)

  2. MMister January 15, 2013

    Surely you’re joking, Mrs. Feynman!

  3. Ivy January 16, 2013

    Thank you for that link, Kate, hold on to that ;-)

    Surely, Mr. Mmister :-p

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