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You can cheat on online communication.

Lines and lines written in virtual space. People trying to give them some meaning by attaching emoticons. Ugly moving little yellow rounded faces winking at you whenever you go online. And some day you will also see them here, probably because the author does not have enough writing skills to describe his feelings in any other way. Cheesy yellow blinking at your service at every corner. And that is just the beginning of moving from licking stamp on a postcard to expressing myself in 2 am in e-mails I will never send anyway.

Don’t analyze it, don’t try to find a “hidden” meaning in every sentence without diacritics. Just look at his eyes when you are talking via Skype and you will know. Right? Or even better, send him a song, it will speak for yourself and it is in rhymes as a bonus.

Those mailing days. Thank you for sending me postcards back to Istanbul as well, they were lovely, illusions. Like my homecoming party. Anyway. Has it been months or a century since I sent my last letter to Finland? My whole mail correspondence could fit into one larger shelf, my e-mail correspondence includes over two thousands unopened messages. Nowadays the only letters I receive are sad bank statements, emoticons are missing.

So have you ever dated someone whose handwriting you did not know? “Oh honey, you are writing like a little child.” -“I’m sorry, sweetheart, that’s just who I am.” Sweetheart, strikes have been upgraded to backspace button. Let’s save some more trees. Or let’s do it my way – just sit, grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing “Dear…”. Would not it be nice to give your mailbox another reason for its existence than storage of leaflets?


Lost without thoughts
World-around-me avenue 23/02

Dear Lost without thoughts,

get lost in thoughts again.

Thank you.

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