The only ones

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white blank page

just like that

the only girl in the world
the projection of dreams and disappointment
the tendency for runaways
just because she loves coming back

just because he loves too much

insecure of his own importance
scared that she will forget
that he was the only one
that he has been already forgotten

is it over?

promises crushed their innocence
killed her calm long sleep
and while he was shouting into the silence
she came back to whispering

screaming once again
waiting for a mercy
he would do anything
for her whisper in his ear

one more cup of coffee
for the road
one more cup of coffee
before she goes

heartbeats are lost forever
in a landing song of the airlines
like meaningless postcards
sent without a word

now someone else created
a new home for her
with four walls two colours
one ambition

to survive there

and not to dream at all
because it all makes even worse
she hates him for making her feel
like she is the only one in the world

and everyone keeps telling
come back home
she hates him for making her believe
she is the magic supergirl

and no one told her that it would be that hard

her journey lasted four months
sometimes she travelled alone
sometimes there were others who took the wheel
and took her heart
but when the destination was reached
it was not her who arrived

it was not me at all.

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