Zanzibar: PROLOGUE

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I wanna get better.

I have travelled thousands miles, I’ve met lot of people, some of them were being honest with me, some of them were just seeing me as a walking ATM machine. I’m back but I’m still wondering why the kids in Prague are not cheerfully waving at me when I’m passing them by because in Tanzania they were doing so – jumping on us, cheering at every opportunity. I hit the rock bottom there, many many times. My skin had almost 2nd degrees sunburns, I shat myself at Safari, half of the times I was so annoying that in the end my partner just left me in the middle of buying boat tickets back to Zanzibar. But those uplifting moments were worth so much more, like the hostel owner who drove me to a hospital, the Masai warrior who shared with me his enlightened opinions and then there was a time when I just plugged my earphones in, turned on Spotify, laid back on a lounger at a hotel beach… And this was all just the beginning of an incredible journey I undertook. However it is all starting to drift into memories… and all I can wish now, all I can do is… I wanna get better. For the next time, for all of you and forever.

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